Purple Puddin' SMASHED Cookie Tin Earrings Tropical colors your Gypsy Boho Style Jewelry dangle earrings Vintage Recycled Upcycled

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You'll look smashing in my smashed cookie tin earrings which are handmade from vintage metal tins which I metalwork into tiny little paintings you can wear on your ears.  

Each has the original designs to which I've textured and roughed-up a bit to give them character. I hem the sides so there are no sharp edges, then add embellishments such as strips of different tin, colorful washers or flat beads. All my tin earrings are very lightweight and each is OOAK (one-of-a kind)

About this Pair

These are  Bright Purple Triangles with turquoise washer accents.

Size:  Medium -  3/8" wide and 1.1/8" long not including the surgical steel ear wires.


SIZE CHART is for comparison only.  BACK Picture is an example which shows my "safe edges" which are turned under like a hem so they are not sharp.


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