Shiny Brass Ash Vial Container made from Etched Bullet Shell Brass Casing for Pet Ashes, MMJ, Funerary Urn, Secret Stash Necklace

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You'll love the old world look of my Brass Bullet Shell Cache Vials that open up to hold your love notes, herbs, seeds, beads, gemstones, aromatherapy, pet ashes, locks of hair, garlic cloves, holy water....

These are all handmade from spent, recycled brass bullet shells that have been shot by real Colorado Cowboys, Rednecks and Mountain Men. Used for stash vials, time capsules, funerary urns, keepsake containers, ash bottles.

Wear as a beautiful piece or use to stash your secret things inside.

SIZE: 1/2" diameter by 1 1/4" long. Holds approx 1/2 a thimble of contents

CAPPED: Tightly fitted cap that is a compression fit, allows your vial to hold powders, herbs, small amulets, paper, beads, pastes. For valuables I recommend gluing the lid shut. Comes with instructions.

CHAIN: Comes on a 28" brass ball chain. You can cut this to your desired length with scissors to shorten. If you need a longer chain put a note with your order.

NOTICE: Not suitable for food, liquids or medications.

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You are responsible for all taxes and duties. I can in no way guarantee how your customs office will view these items. They will be described for customs as brass pendants but you are responsible for knowing your countries rules and regulations as to importing jewelry made from spent bullet shell casings.